NHC--NAACP Parent's Council


The New Hanover County NAACP Parents’ Council is an arm of the New Hanover County NAACP Education Committee. It is made up of families, educators and other residents who share the goal of unbiased, equitable education for all children in our public schools.


  • To educate and empower parents, families, and guardians of children in the New Hanover County Public Schools.
  • To foster parental involvement in the education of their children.
  • To promote positive alternatives to punitive discipline in order to end the unacceptable rates of suspension, seclusion and restraint in NHC elementary schools, which disproportionately affect students of color and special education students.
  • To work towards the re-integration of the NHC public schools as the only way to guarantee educational equity for all students.
  • To monitor the NHC School System to ensure that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are the guiding principles in every school and every classroom in the county.
  • To support the educational staff of the school system by working to empower them and get them the resources they need to educate our children.


  • For more information, to request an advocate or to join the NHC-NAACP Parents’ Council please email gvlasits@gmail.comi